Airspeed Hovercraft Flights Ltd


Airspeed Hovercraft Flights Ltd offer a small hovercraft range, with craft from 4.2m to 7.5m in length, capable of carrying 500kg to 2000kg in payload. These small crafts are ideal for recreational use and a great deal of fun, with 360 spins and speed up to 40mph. The size and weight of the range allow them to be transported on a road trailer, which can be towed behind most 4x4 vehicles or trucks, allowing rapid deployment in roles such as surveying, search & rescue, flood relief and patrol.

Cruising Hovercrafts

A cruising hovercraft is a two to five seat amphibious recreational water craft. Unlike other watercraft, it "glides" over the water surface on a cushion of air rather than being in the water. It is unlike any other craft and its capabilities, limitations and low environmental impact are well understood.

Racing Hovercrafts

Racing hovercrafts are a different design to cruising hovercraft in terms of noise, speed and marine safety. - they are unsuitable for cruising use. While cruising craft are built to provide economicsl, quiet and comfortable leisure use, racing crafts are built for speed, with minimal safty gear.

Hovercraft Fun

Personal hovercrafts are fun – you can fly on a cushion of air over any flat surface, and travel from land to water to land without any problems. The hovercraft's air cushion suspension is very comfortable, the craft is easy to operate and it is fun flying at an altitude of 8 inches above the surface.

Using handlebars to alter the direction of air passing over the rudders at the rear of the craft, and floating on a bubble of air you can glide, slide, do 180 turns, complete 360s – float up the beach to get an ice-cream. With no propeller to damage manatees, sea turtles, or get snagged on rocks or coral, you can reach places that boats cannot.

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