Military & Coastguard

Fast, multi-terrain versatile machinery

Military and Coastguard

The versatility of the Hovercraft offered by Airspeed Hovercraft Flights is undeniable. Highly maneuverable and able to operate where no boat can venture, over land and sea mines, debris, logs, rocks, sand, snow, weeds and ice the hovercraft is a formidable vehicle. In fact more than 80% 0f the world's coastline is accesible to hovercraft,

So 'no beach is out of reach'.

Our range of fully amphibious hovercraft can be used in both military and para military roles as well as for coastguard and border guard services, at sea and on inland waterways.

All our craft are available with differing levels of ballistic protection and weaponry to suit our clients' requirements making them highly adaptable for military and paramilitary roles.

Military Hovercraft – Many vehicles and products evolve according to military requirements, and hovercraft are no exception – since their introduction hovercraft have evolved to grow in size and capability. New materials such as carbon fibre composites now offer rugged small combat hovercraft that can act as a swarm to deter infiltrators, terrorists and people/drug smugglers.

Many people are familiar with large Military hovercraft that are capable of carrying large numbers of personnel and armoured vehicles.  But size isn’t everything – the new generation of smaller combat hovercraft have emerged to take advantage of new product developments such as advances in carbon fibre composites.
Smaller military hovercraft can be airlifted by helicopter into areas affected by flooding and other natural disasters, to deliver food, water treatment bottles and essential medicines. Water is heavy, water treatment bottles are light and can decontaminate flood waters to remove bacteria.

Carbon fibre composites are very strong yet lightweight, and since hovercraft are weight sensitive vehicles, carbon fibre composites deliver superior payloads that are low cost when compared to traditional aluminum built hovercraft.


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