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About AirSpeed Hovercraft Flights

Airspeed Hovercraft Flights Ltd is a UK based company, established in 2013, offering consultancy services on all aspects of hovercraft operation.

Prior to entering the hovercraft industry, the founding directors of AHFL held senior management positions within both the fixed and rotary wing aviation business, with thousands of hours of command flying. So you can rest assured that we have carried the same exacting standards of operation into our hovercraft business and related customer services.

The team bring a wealth of experience in all aspects of hovercraft operations. We are qualified to offer a complete package from the initial appraisal of your specific needs, through the choice of craft, shore based requirements, crew training, local authority licensing and much more. In fact Airspeed Hovercraft Flights Limited offers a complete and unique “turnkey” package, which will suit your individual requirements.

We can provide:

  • Route and location appraisal
  • Survey of prevailing tidal and general weather conditions in locational operating areas
  • Craft appraisal and type suggestion in conjunction by both parties in relation to final decision
  • Appraisal of Terminal (if any) requirements at each (or any) intermediary points over route, including Fuel and Maintenance requirements at 'home-base' location
  • Complete supervision and management of sales and delivery process of clients chosen craft type, including supervision of construction and installation of any shore-based facilities
  • Appraisal and implementation of training requirements for any Flight and Ground Crew, including selection, interview and recruitment processes in accordance with clients local Governmental and/or Licensing Authority
  • Provision and assistance in preparation of all scheduled and unscheduled operations and maintenance costs, allowing for accurate client business planning
  • Provision of complete Operations Manual (The founding directors of our company compiled the first Op's Manual for hovercraft services.) Supervision and implementation of service for period required, until both parties are satisfied that final operational handover can be made to client

With our dynamic range of commercial, military and recreational hovercraft, Airspeed Hovercraft Flights has accrued diverse knowledge and experience in the legislation and actual “hands-on” operation of these amazing versatile craft in both inland and off-shore environments.

Airspeed Hovercraft Flights Ltd can also offer operational expertise: 

  • Knowledgeable unbiased advice
  • Licensed public transport experience
  • Superb advertising and P.R. opportunity
  • Practical and affordable Ferry alternatives
  • Professional strategic operational planning with concise infrastructure overview

The hovercraft was invented by Sir Christopher Cockerell and 2012 saw the fiftieth anniversary of the launch of the worlds first commercial hovercraft passenger service between Leasowe on the Wirral Peninsula, and Rhyl on the North Wales Coast. Tickets were £1 each way!

One of AHFL's founding directors was a schoolboy at that time and duly purchased a ticket and took his place for a return flight. Memories, it would appear, certainly do linger! As we all know, "Time like the wind flies". Since those days hovercraft technology has increased immeasurably. Low revving diesel engines driving ducted propellers, now provide hovercraft with low noise levels and excellent economy. Add to this modern fly by wire controls and modern skirt shift systems and the hovercraft is the perfect option for a wide variety of roles, both civil and military.

We cordially invite you to contact us. We offer a totally free of charge initial consultancy with rapid response. Whatever option you choose, you can be assured that all contractual obligations will be fully discussed between both parties to ensure mutual satisfaction and confidence in a strong business relationship built on partnership and longevity. Come with us and Ride The Wind…


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