Commercial Applications & Operations

Advanced, unique and powerful multi-terrain transport and logistics


Operating in a wide variety of applications, from passenger services through to survey work and engineering support AHFL’s amphibious hovercraft repeatedly display their value to the commercial world.

Airspeed Hovercraft Flights Ltd acknowledge that the main benefits of the hovercraft for the commercial role are:

  • Reliability and low maintenance running costs of the modern diesel engine
  • Ability to travel at high speed over a wide variety of surfaces,
  • Simplicity but ruggedness of construction,
  • Ease of operation and maintenance,
  • High degree of maneuverability,
  • Capability of fitting the craft out in a wide variety of configurations.

The unique ability of a hovercraft makes it an ideal vehicle for fast ferry services in shallow waters and where tidal flow prevents a conventional craft from docking close to the shore. Also in areas where the water freezes over during the winter.

It can also be used on inland waterways to patrol nature reserves, and protected coastal waters in areas where a conventional boat would cause damage to coral reefs and other vulnerable sea life.

Livery Application

A hovercraft provides the perfect platform for advertising and branding for your product or service. The crafts' very design allows plenty of scope and space upon its' superstructure and propeller ducts. In addition to external advertising there is a large internal TV screen to display further advertising footage. The aircraft style seats have seat pockets that can be used to provide written literature and special offers. The crew can reflect your company branding on their uniforms. The craft and crew will also be available for any promotional activity.



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